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Top 5 reasons to use video for marketing

Hey, Sam from Splash. Today I'm going to be breaking down five reasons to shoot video for your business and then market that video for your business. I have a lot of friends in different businesses, different industries, different sectors, and they don't see the value in it. They're a little old school. They don't see how you can get an ROI on it. They think it's a waste of time. So if you're one of those people, pay close attention, it's going to be very, very insightful for you. Why would anybody shoot video for marketing purposes, right? For their business? Number one is to build an online presence. That's the first and foremost biggest reason why you would do that. It's to create an online presence. People do business with people they know, like, and trust. Everybody knows that. But if they don't know you and you can't be there in person for 'em, if you're a local business, these guys have all these resources.

Now you got a bunch of local players. It's even worse when you're national. It's even worse when you're worldwide, right? You got to do a lot of effort. There's so many competition. Everybody's has to do research. They want to do due diligence, so you need to shoot some videos to show 'em. Dude, build an online presence so they start to build some trust. Who are the key people in your business, man? Do you have video testimonials, the core stuff? What is your business? A clear explanation on your product or service. If it's a product, lemme see an unboxing. Lemme see what this thing is about. Shoot some video to showcase it. I want to see it turn. I want to see some B roll of it, we call it. So showcase that kind of stuff, right? If it's a service I want to see in the field, what's it look like? You guys are doing sales training. Let me see my man on the phone call and close some sales. I want to see what's going on behind the scenes in that business. So the number one reason to do this thing is build an online presence. When you look at marketing in general, this is where people are buying. This is where they don't know you at all, right? So they don't know you, they'll buy from you. Video helps build this top section of the funnel right here. It kind of just warms somebody that's absolutely brand new to you, absolutely cold to you, and start to warm them up by showing them behind the scenes, by showing them patient testimonials, client testimonials, product testimonials, by showing the value of your service or your business by showing them what's unique about your service of business by building value with what separates you guys as a business or a company.

So that's the number one reason. This is the biggest, biggest reason why anybody would shoot video for their business. Number two, this is actually one of my favorites, ad creatives. Now, ad creatives meaning pieces of content video that you can run digital advertising too. So I'm talking Google advertising, Facebook advertising or social advertising in general. When you start shooting videos, any industry, you start shooting videos, you'll take maybe 15 of those videos and you can make ad creatives out of those videos. Every ad campaign should be having three or four videos where you can test. But those videos, you can start using it for advertising. Pull people in. So if I'm going back to this funnel, they don't know you when you start using your videos, when you start using your videos to create digital advertising, now you can start targeting people top middle of the funnel and then bottom of the funnel as well.

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Not only that, you can run ad creatives and then retarget. So when I say we run Google advertising, it depends on your business, right? Like something like us where we do video content and social distribution, that's a lot of those different areas. Corporate video, product, demos, those kinds of things are very search intent. Somebody is looking for a corporate video because they have a symposium to shoot. A business is looking for a video to showcase their product. A company is looking for a product commercial to shoot an ad or to run advertising for. So those are very search intent. We can do a Google search off of that, but then we have video to retarget those people. Now, when I say Google search, that's search intent. People are looking, they're interested. They're in the market to do that. That's that section of it. When we do Google search, we can use video to retarget on YouTube.

So if they checked out the website, they seen what we had to offer and they're like, nah, I'm going to keep shopping around, we can then retarget using video on YouTube. We can retarget using video on Facebook and Instagram, vertical format, different formats. So we have video that is very flexible. It's moldable, right? It's mappable. We can do anything with video. We can do any platform for video, and we can run it with existing or whatever campaign we're running. We can back that with video, even flyers. We can do a direct mail flyer, but then run a QR code to explain the product. We can run maybe a flyer that has a product and it showcases the benefits or a service that showcases the benefits, and then we can do a QR code that bangs to a webpage that explains the product or has a product commercial or if it's a service, has a business overview video of that, or I mean service.

So ad creative is super, super important, man, and when you start creating enough videos to build an online presence, you now have another avenue, which you can use that video, right? Ad creative number three, it replaces yourself. So the more videos that you have, the less explaining you have to do about anything with your business. If somebody doesn't know you and they're brand new to you, you got to warm 'em up. So it relieves everything. On the awareness side, you don't have to explain your business what you do. You can actually show them what you do so they can actually see it real time. Your sales team doesn't have to do sales presentations over and over again or go that hard from sales presentations to the close because they've already seen videos, seen product testimonials, seen everybody what they needed to see. They've seen some advertising enough to get 'em back. Now, once we're back into the sales presentation, they are a lot closer. They're not here anymore. They're more down here. So the sales team doesn't have to work hard. They just have to give 'em a little nudge over. So again, we're replacing ourself. We don't have to be the master salesperson in the business anymore. Now we have our salespeople. Not only do they have training, but now they have a backing of Your stuff. Online awareness, all your ad creatives, all the video that showcase the brand and the company in the best light possible. They have all that to kind of move down this funnel. This is how you should start looking at video. It's not video. We're not just shooting it to shoot content. We're not doing it for social media, we're not doing it for likes. We are doing it to move somebody down the funnel. How do I get from unknown? Moving them down to known to having some curiosity and intent. Now they're in the market for it. Now they are in a position to buy and they're in a position to buy from us. So this is how you got to think about video. It's a tool to move someone down the funnel, right? From going from unknown to actually getting a new customer. So That's the third reason. Number four, organic.

The more videos you do, the more organic online presence you have, meaning Google. Google will start to love you, man. This guy's here, man, this guy's here, this guy's here, this guy's here. Not only that, You have opportunities to actually start earning some media attention. You have Enough content out There, I guarantee you somebody's going to call you up and say, Hey, you want to do a podcast? I've seen that video. It's pretty impressive. I think you have a lot to say. You want to do a podcast with me? Great. That's an exposure on somebody else's platform with somebody else's audience that you can now scoop up. It's almost like gaining market share. You're exposed to brand new audience cost you absolutely nothing, but making a video So organic, The further out you can spread, the more exposure you're going to get. That way people will call you for all kinds of stuff. Hey, I have a partnership deal. I think your business will be great for. Great. You did that from a video. So the more stuff you have, the more Google loves you, the more Google starts to push all your efforts up. It starts to push your webpage up, starts to push your YouTube channel up, starts to push your socials up so it starts to give you a lot more attention. And then in turn, you start getting a lot more opportunity and not just customers. We move those down the funnel with video, like I said, but now you start getting more opportunity, right? People start calling you because they start seeing you on video. Dude, this person knows this stuff. So this is what you want to shoot for. We want to have as much organic as possible. Now, every platform is different, but what's really good about video is you can get a little extra push from the way you optimize in organic YouTube, right? That goes with SEO. That's directly related to Google search. So when we type in something that's related to your business, again, the middle of the funnel Where they're looking for something Minimum or the bottom of the funnel where they're kind of looking for something, they're searching for something. If you have video that's optimized your video, start to pull up for that as well. This is what we do with organic. We just want to build, you got to think of it like real estate. We're trying to build room after room after room after room upon your website and social channels and everywhere. The bigger these things are, the bigger your house is, the more Google will say, wow, that's a mansion. That's valued higher. So it starts to build your online authority. The more stuff have, and number five data, the more you do with organic, the more you do with building an online presence. The more videos that you shoot, the more deal flow and lead and awareness you get, the more data you will get. So you start to open your eyes to maybe a new market that you can jump into, a new customer base that you can jump into somebody that's a little bit different from who you normally advertise from.

So you start to segment different customer personas about your product or your service. So you start to identify, you start to rework your marketing, you start to rework your videos, and then you start to advertise, build organic, and then build your online awareness as well. So again, got to shoot video shooting video is a must for anybody, and it's a long-term play, right? Video is picking up so much traction and we're kind of at the golden age with reels. Video is the old news. But again, these algorithms change and video is the most consumed thing. People just run through it every single day. So if you're a business and you're not doing video, you absolutely should be doing. You should ask yourself why. Go back down this list, replay this video and talk, and think about how you can use video in your business to grow an online awareness.

Use it in ad creatives, replace yourself, boost organic, and then collect data to start looking at new opportunities where your customer base may be that you didn't know about. So hope this was helpful. Hope this was insightful. Hope you got some value from it. This is what we do all day. We're a hands-off video production company that does social distribution for companies. So if this is what you want to do, this is what we do. We have packages where we shoot video, shoot even more video for you on a monthly basis, and then shoot that video and then run those ad creatives and run advertising as well. So if you need any help, websites below talk soon.

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