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What video content should my business shoot

So what kind of core pillars does a business need to have as far as video content? How much video content should be done right off the gate? Maybe you're a brand new business, maybe you don't have an online presence just yet. What do we need to do? Where do we need to start? Let's talk about some core video pillars that every business should have, specifically on YouTube where people can ingest and really take time to focus. What kind of videos should you have as core pillars when you're just starting to build an online presence? Right? So I'm Sam from Splash. I'll walk you through this today.

Number one, you should probably get some business overviews, like high level business overview type of stuff where it can explain your business just like that so people can understand your business as a whole, especially when it's layered, right? Maybe it's something like, I dunno, pathology or something where you need to explain technology and software as well as the actual practice, right? So something a little bit different. You should be having some interviews mixed in with this, some B roll of the office, some testimonials, maybe some product demos, maybe some product highlights. So a whole business overview, a high level overview so that people start understanding your business, what you do, who the people are, what people saying about this thing and why it's great. So having that high level business overview, and that really has to be professional. We're talking to professional film crew. We're talking some good high level video production, maybe having a director there to see everything.

There should be a storyboard where somebody's going off of, we need to have a place where we can build value in the company, explain what the company does, and then build value off of that. How do we make sure that we tell the story, right? Tell the brand story, tell the corporate story, and then build the value, show the separation from other competitors, and then build value on what's unique about your specific brand, product, company service. So business overview is going to be number one. Number two, testimonials. These are always great. The more we go along, the more people buy reviews. 65% of reviews online are absolutely fake. You can buy Yelp reviews, you can buy Google reviews. You can buy every other kind of review. You can think of Trustpilot, like anything people can purchase, write their own and then purchase them. So it comes off as organic.

It's all garbage, right? This is why Google takes down real reviews. If you're a business owner, you have a Google business profile and they start stripping real reviews and you're like, well dude, why is this happening? It's because most of them are fake. They're stripping stuff that looks spammy or they won't even approve somebody that has great things to say about you. They wrote this long thing about you, and it's maybe they're a good communicator. So they're trying to really dress it up and it looks spammy. It looks like a bot wrote it. It looks fake to Google's eyes, it looks fake. We're not even going to put that on your profile. They're all fake video, my friends, is the best form of getting what a customer is actually feeling. You'll get a sense of it when people write about it, but when people can tell, you can feel somebody and you get tears coming down or you get some jubilant emotion or reaction.

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That is the stuff that really, really sells, and it should be a core pillar of your video content. So testimonials is a must. Product or service commercials highlights. So this is all going to be demonstrating if you have a product, I got a marker. How do I showcase this thing, what it can do? What's great about it? What are the benefits? What do people care about? And how do I address that and how do I show that in the video in an engaging way because people consume video like crazy. How do I make this thing, take it and do everything I needed to do and then make it engaging at the same time? Have that right eye for what we're trying to accomplish when we have a product highlight reel. So those are great too, because they can go on social and it's very, very social friendly.

When we start distributing on social, if it's a service base, if it's service based, we got to showcase the service. So if you're doing roofing and you need some roofing, you need some roofing content products about the roofing vendors that you have, some of the products that you use. What's great about a copper roof as opposed to a shingle roof as opposed to a wood roof, like all the materials that you guys use as roofers, and then actually having a showcase of the installation, showing the product, highlighting the product, highlighting the service in that sense. So we start creating core pillars. All this does is just kind of deepen the understanding of what somebody thinks about your company, how they view your company. You're just kind of cementing the things that you want to be cemented about, your brand, company, key people, your service, everything with these core pieces of video content, that's what we're doing.

So number four, product or service walkthroughs. If there's something extremely unique about this marker, let's say it's antioxidant. When you smell the aroma, it's an antioxidant. That's something you cannot explain on a product highlight with a text overlay, you're going to have to have somebody walk through that thing. And so somebody having an explanation of this, maybe a scientist that created it, maybe in a lab coat, we got talking about what the science behind that was, and then showing some motion graphics of that science. So then we don't lose people. We get actually engagement. They understand what we're talking about. So this is how we use video. And then again, these are the core pieces. So if it's something really, really unique, I'm going to have a walkthrough of it. So this is what's special about it. This is what's great about it. This is why nobody has it on the market.

It's going to be a physical person walking through a product behind the scenes. This is always super, super fun and super engaging. A lot of people want to see behind the scenes and who to keep. What do you guys do on a day to day? How does your operations run? If you've got a sales team, how do you guys get jacked up in the morning? If you're doing a morning kickoff, how does that look? If you're doing a town hall, how does that look? If you're behind the scenes and you're creating projects and you're doing meetings and you're trying to create the next big thing, or you're trying to compete with Apple for the next big thing, how do those team meetings look? Show the creativity. Show what goes on behind the scenes. What do you guys do? How do you guys service your customers?

How do you guys handle your products? How do you guys show the business move so fast? Show it man. Show what you're doing as a business. You get new people. You're servicing customers. There's marketing, there's sales, there's fulfillment, there's follow up. There's all kinds of avenues that you can go on this thing, and it's all behind the scenes. Highly engageable stuff. People love behind the scenes. They want to see little sneak peek. This is why every video or every movie that comes out most of the time has a making of the movie. They show you what goes on. So this is super, super engaging stuff. Key people, interviews. You got to have the key people involved. They want to know who the founder is. They want to know the mission and the vision behind the company. What are the core pillars? Get a strong sense of connection with this person.

Do I connect with this person's character? Do I connect with this person's values and moral? I'm talking specifically about the owners and the board of directors, whatever. Who are those guys making the decisions? Because if I can connect with them, I know that everything trickles down into the team, the employees, the staff, the team, everybody. It starts at the head, what culture do you set? And then how do your people respond to it? Are you a go-getter, and then all your people are go-getters as well, right? If you run a tight ship, you're kind of pushing the needle. Your team should be kind of reflecting that. It's showing off key people what their role is in the company. It just gives a sense of who's behind the scenes. So that's what people want to see. Who's behind the scenes? Can I trust them? Do I connect with them?

Would I do business with them? Can I get to know 'em? Do I like them? Do I trust them? That kind of stuff. So key people. And then social. Social is its own beast. We take all this video, by the way. We take all this stuff and it gets pushed on social channels. We use it for ad creatives, we use it for advertising. We use it for all the advertising efforts get done mostly with video, and then social distribution gets done as well. Now with social, I'm going to have all these things distributed on social, on top of all the other efforts, but I'm going to have social specifically separate. You break it down into two parts. You have vertical content, which all this stuff is great on YouTube because people can sit down and just kind of binge and kind of really understand and sit.

They have time to watch. They have time. They're really engaged. Maybe they're eating a meal. Maybe they're, I don't know, doing. They just have a little time to relax. So they're watching these videos. They have time to do it. It's not like they're in a grocery store scanning Instagram and liking and moving and liking and moving. It's different. So YouTube is highly bingeable. People watch your stuff. If you got some good content, especially stuff like this that's professionally shot. If you are in the market, let's say you're in the middle of the funnel and you're searching for information on a product or service, and somebody hits that YouTube page, you got all this available for 'em. You're giving 'em the information that they need. This is what the core pillars are about, giving them the information that they need. And again, these are always growing because businesses always growing, right?

Business is always moving. So these should be growing all the time. So these are the core things. Social, you got your horizontal and then you got vertical, right? So it's not just enough. Sometimes the business overview doesn't translate well to Instagram or TikTok. They don't care about that. It's a different demographic. So we want to make sure that we're shooting vertical to showcase that we're getting a little bit more engagement. We're getting flashy on this stuff. It's very attention grabbing, right? We're moving with crazy transitions. We're flipping stuff. We're showing it. If we go back to this product, how do I highlight this product on social? We can take some of that product, demo and commercial. We can take that and we can make it vertical and make it for social. That works good. What other ways can we make this engaging for social? On a vertical reel, we can have it flipping up and moving and doing basically commercials.

If it's a product, if it's a service, it's the same thing. How do I take roofing like I mentioned earlier, and then make it fun. I'm going to flip a hammer up. I'm going to flip a shingle up. I don't know what I'm going to do. Something that somebody's going to stop and go, oh, that was a cool video. I'm going to get attention. I'm going to make video. That gets attention and gives me a little bit of awareness. I'm trying to stop people scroll. I'm trying to interrupt their day-to-day. They're going to just binge, binge, binge binge. My job is to create something on vertical and social that says, oh, that was cool. What's this guy about? What else do they got? So that's what I'm trying to do on social. So it's a different beast, right? Repurpose everything, but we also shoot specifically for social, specifically for that top of the funnel. If I'm looking at a funnel, again, I'm always going to come back to this funnel. You're going to hear me talk about this over and over and over again because our services are directly related to social, and video is directly related to social. Social is very top of the funnel. This is awareness. These people are cold. These people are very, very cold. So when I shoot social, it's going to be very engaging to hit a new audience. So I'm trying to stop the scroll and I'm trying to assert myself in there. Pay attention to me. Pay attention to me. I got something. I got something. Look over here. This is basically what I'm doing. You got a picture of a farmer's market or a big business plaza where everybody sets up booths. Hey, I got something. I got something. I got something over here. I'm thinking of Aladdin where it's like sugar dates, pistachios, that whole thing.

That's what social is. Social is very awareness, very loud, very noisy, attention grabbing, that kind of stuff. So that's a different shoot for that. You can still use all these cores to make, repurpose that into some social videos. You just have to edit 'em different, right? Because you have to be native on every single platform. Instagram interacts totally different from Facebook, even though they're owned by the same company. That demographic, the people on those platforms, they talk different. Twitter is its own beast, or X is its own beast. You got to make sure that the content getting repurposed is specifically for social, and then shooting specifically for social. I'm talking shooting specifically in vertical so we can take advantage of reels and algorithm trends. So if you're lost about shooting video, if you don't have any of these things in place, if you're trying to build an online awareness, this is a good place to start. Make sure you have all these core pillars in place, and then you can start building from there. Start getting a little bit more awareness and start pushing people further down the funnel. Hope this helps. My name is Sam. I'm from Splash, and if you need any help, this is exactly what we do. Hands off, video production service, social distribution. This is our wheelhouse all day long. Hit the link. Love to talk to you soon.

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