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The Ulitmate LEVERAGE in Marketing

Digital marketing. There are so many verticals you can go through and so many tech changes. It's easy to lose confidence in some of the verticals that you're advertising in. Today, I'm going to show you the ultimate form of leverage when it comes to digital marketing. So the way to get a hundred percent certain on your marketing is to do something that you know is tried and true and has stand the test of time. Now, all marketing works with enough time, frequency, and energy. However, we're talking about the ultimate form of leverage here, and the tried and true method that has always stood the test of time is video marketing. If we look back on the past, video has always outperformed everything. It absolutely crushed radio, it dominates outside advertising, billboards, bus stop posts, it just lasts, right? And nowadays with social media, everybody has their own film studio.

Everybody has their own TV show. Everybody can tell the stories and handle basically public relations in their own form. Now, the number one reason video is so great is because it lasts forever. Nowadays, once you have video, it doesn't matter what platforms do. If YouTube goes away, you still have video. If Vine went away, YouTube popped up. There's always a new vertical, but you have video and content to actually push in the marketplace and actually push the right message with it. Again, video is almost a form of pr. We take it and we shift the perception that people have about the business to keep people and everybody else involved. Video is here to stay. It has been a long track record of history showing how video, how it's outperformed everything and advertised better than the yellow Pages, better than white pages, better than everything you've seen.

Because video is the most consuming. It's easy to shift the perception that one has of the company, key people, service, product, whoever's watching the video, right? It's easy to kind of get a little form of PR through video. So that's the number one reason. It just lasts forever. We're going to have something on the internet that lasts forever, that does all the heavy lifting and pre-selling, pre-qualifying, handling objections, educating on industry terms, doing all the things that you would do on a one-on-one, or maybe a group consultation you now have on video, and millions of people can watch it at the same exact time. Number two, it's highly shareable, meaning most people want to just share the social trend. It's not outside social. It's social on their phones, right? So they're going to share and pinging everybody that they know and they're all going to share this piece of content.

Oh, did you see that video? Oh, did you see that quote? Did you see that meme? They're all going to share it, right? It's free advertising. That's almost the best form of publicity if you're a small brick and mortar, if you're starting to climb the ladder in revenue, you probably know the best customer or sales come from referrals. So we have something on video out on social that's highly shareable. Those are little referrals everywhere. So it's very, very easy to get in the hands and get to new customers and get new exposure via social media with video. And that happens over and over and over again, right? If somebody sees it, maybe 10 years later, someone else sees it and they start sharing it. It happens over and over and over again. The more people that see your video, see your content and what you're doing, the more they can start sharing on their own, which is an absolute goldmine when it comes to marketing.

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It's free number three better SEO. Now, when you start having links to the website, when you drop a YouTube video and the links back to your website, when you drop an Instagram post, it links back to your website. When you have a bio that links back, all these little things start to add up, and what happens is you become highly visible online, which is what you want nowadays. Everybody's attention is shifted online, and you've probably seen this before. If you ever go to a restaurant or something, you've seen somebody maybe a couple saying face-to-face, but on their phones, and then especially with vr, right? More and more people are going to this digital world, and it's scary, but you need to be on the other side leveraging it, right? You need to be the one in front with some kind of product or service to offer if they're going to be in that space, if your customer's there, that's where you need to be at to greet them.

So when you start having all these other video content pieces all over the internet, it links back to your website and actually just kind of boosts your online visibility, not only just to your website, but then your YouTube channel and your Instagram page and your Facebook and your TikTok and everything kind of gets lifted from all the activity that we're doing and all the activity that we're interlinking while we're making it. Number four, it allows you to amplify your efforts, right? Compound your efforts while you make a video, and while that video is being consumed over and over and over again, and while that's being shared over and over and over again, being commented on, over and over and over again, you are free to do other verticals. You are free to do maybe some paid media or maybe to do a guest podcast or a speaking gig or something where you're doing an event. Maybe you're outside doing an outdoor event, or maybe you're setting up your campaign on a Facebook ad, or you're doing Instagram ads, or you're setting up LinkedIn ads and you can meet with the team and actually come up with ideas. Your marketing efforts can compound as you do more videos. So as you do one and that thing is growing and you amplify that by a hundred videos, now you have a hundred videos doing some work for you. They are out there doing the marketing. So it's almost like recruiting. Every time you do a new video, it's almost like you recruit a new person on your team to actually start promoting for you, which is incredibly effective and productive. When you look at a successful business, this is what we're doing. How much can I get done with time, right? I'm trying to condense the time and do a lot more with my time and with video marketing, that's exactly what you can do.

When everything is out there working for you, you can actually start being active with your marketing and start really, really going out. One thing we do here is we go out and we meet business owners and just shoot some content for 'em. Having videos out here working for us allows us to do that. So maybe you're the same way, but maybe you have other things going on, but having the video can actually allow you to focus on other efforts while you're still marketing, while you're still compounding. So every video that we do is compound interest. Number five, the videos that you create will sell your audience 50% of the way, right? You should be having content that actually pre-sells Prewarm. An audience educates on industry terms. It takes all the objections their head and actually just help them make a buying decision, or actually just feel comfortable enough to getting on the phone with you or comfortable enough to making a decision with you.

So again, it's going to do half the selling for you, and if you have a sales team, it's going to alleviate some of the pressure on your sales team because those harder sales are going to become a lot more easier. They're not going to be as hard to close, which means your production on your sales team can move a lot faster, right? They can close more deals because they're not spending as much time doing follow-up and converting a hard prospect into a customer. So your sales team gets a little bit of ease in that sense. So content is a phenomenal job at selling. So a lot of people don't look at it like that. It's just making videos just to make videos. We're not making videos just to make videos. There's a purpose behind it. Again, this is a mini form of PR right here.

We have to use the videos to have the message that actually does something for your company and then helps the customer along this journey. If they're in the market for your service, you should have so much content that it should be very easy for the customer to actually get informed about you, your brand, your company, your key people, and make a purchasing decision based on your service or product or whatever that video or videos have messaged. So again, use the videos how they should be used and use them to start selling online. Number six, brand visibility. Now, when you start looking at brands, you get more comfortable when you see 'em over and over and over again. Your branding is right, but once you start seeing brands over and over again, you start getting a little bit more comfortable, and that's what this thing does.

It just creates brand awareness. The more content you create, the more they start seeing your logos and your brand and associate a face with the logo and associate, maybe a company or a feeling with that logo and all your branding, it becomes highly amplified awareness. So you're relying less on paid advertising to get awareness, and you're relying more on content and content creation to create that brand awareness. Now, you use social ads to actually add fuel to the fire once you start having that brand recognition. So it's an incredible tool when you use it, right? Again, you have to know what you're doing with video, but use it to get brand awareness as well. It's something where you can just pound as much as you want, say as much as you want. You can create as many pieces of content as you like in a day and then distribute it as much as you want in a day.

If you want to do a hundred posts a day, you can do a hundred posts a day. That becomes brand recognition. That becomes people getting comfortable with your brand, and then that opens the door and opens the conversation into new business. So you kind of want to warm the customers, man, if they're in the market for your product or service, you want to warm them, and you want to have tools out there on the internet talking about video helping you and helping that customer actually make a decision to go with you, your brand, and your company. So use the platforms the best way you can to gain brand exposure. So there you have it. That's the holy grail of video marketing, the one with the longest track record of success. Video marketing is the king of kings. If you're not sold on that, I hope you're sold on that.

Now, this thing will outlast everything you do, and this is the trend going forward. If you look at people watching television, they're not really watching on televisions anymore. They're watching on smartphones, right? There's smart TVs connected to a streaming service. So the more content that you have available, the more it's going to be consumed, and then the more you can do with it. You can put it on webpage, you can put it on advertising, you can clip it up and make reels. You can do all kinds of things with video content, right? And you see this time and time again, and you have seen this for the past couple of decades or even more. It's the longest form and the best ROI, hands down, it's the best ROI you can get. If you haven't invested in some video marketing, please invest in some video marketing. My name is Sam with Splash. If you need help with any of your video marketing efforts, our team will actually craft plans, shoot content for you. We'll even step in and be the spokesperson of your brand if you're afraid to be on camera. If you need any help with that, please reach out below Contacts there. See you soon.

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