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The BEST Social Planner in 2023

What's the best social CRM or a social planner that's out there right now? I'm going to cut all the fluff for you delivering a short message. Stay tuned to us. Metrical is the best social planner, social, CRM on the market right now. It just does everything that we needed to do. And what do you need to do to actually move a social media channel? Well, I want a place where, one, I can plan out all my content 30 to 60 days in advance. Number two, I want a place where I can invite team members to actually help me with this task. Number three, I want a place to invite clients so they can prove what we're doing. Number four, I want a place where there is heavy analytics on every single post and live analytics on every single post. And number five, I want a place where it's native to the actual platform.

When I, when schedule on ACRM or a planner, I want to make sure it feels like I'm posting on Instagram or it feels like I'm posting on YouTube. And to us, metrical checks all those boxes. And it also has things that we didn't even know that we needed. But it's also a nice feature to have, and if we all go down the list right after, I explain some of the things that we like about metrical, but the fact that you can geotag photos, the fact that you can integrate some keywords and have keywords auto-populate the fact that you can add alt texts to your pictures and photos. I mean, the fact that you can plan out, you have a feed preview that allows you to see what the feed will look like on every single channel. It's just a phenomenal tool to us. It checks all the boxes and handles everything that we needed to handle with, as well as unbelievable price compared to the other markets.

Now you got major ones like Hootsuite, sprout, social Buffer. All those are geared towards bigger corporations, right? They'll do hotels with like 50,000 chains all over the nation, and that's their thing. So they can have little social teams, live analytics. Those are good features for the other platforms that we're seeing. But they're kind of missing some of the boxes, right? They're missing the fact that you can look at a feed. They're missing the fact, the main fact that I'm missing from all those channels, or it doesn't feel native to the platform. I can't post the way I would on Instagram, or I can't post the way I would on Facebook on those platforms. It doesn't feel right. It's easy and convenient to plan, but that's not all you want. I want to make sure that I can actually use the CRM or the planner just like I would in the app of an Instagram or a TikTok or Facebook or YouTube.

I want to be able to feel and control and have those options the way I have those options if I go directly to YouTube or directly to Instagram. So that's mainly what I'm looking for. On top of everything else I just mentioned. The other ones don't really check those boxes. You can play with them, and they're extremely overpriced. And again, they are geared towards a specific demographic of massive corporations where these guys will have content and they're happy with three posts, four posts a week, and they have little social teams that manage each account. So if a big hotel, if the Hilton wanted to have their social up and running, they would use a platform like Hootsuite or Sprout or something like that where they can actually have little teams running their content. To me, it doesn't make sense. I don't see the value in some of the stuff that we're doing.

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It's always price, right? What's the price? What do you get for the price? The value needs to exceed the price for anything, right? And if you're in business, this, it has to have more value than the actual price. So you feel like it's a good deal. It doesn't matter about the price. If it's a million dollars or if it's $1. What value am I getting from this thing? We're in San Francisco. The homes are a million dollars in the projects. That's not a good value, right? Compared to a, let's say, a Boise, Idaho, Coeur d'Alene or Texas or something like that, where you can actually get bigger value. So that's the same thing with these social platforms. They don't give me the value that we need to actually perform and at the price point that they're doing. So again, all the fluff cutout. I know there's a rabbit hole of videos talking about this social channel and this social channel.

This is not a paid promotion. I'm telling you, based off our experience, what platform works the best for us and what actually delivers and moves the needle for us is this platform here never misses connections. And you're able to abuse the platform just like you would in any social channel. That's the whole goal of it, right? Create content that has specific messaging, worker content plan, work this PR plan and just hammer the social channel post multiple times every single day on every single platform. And this CRM allows us to actually do all that. So again, non-biased, tried 'em all. This is the best one that works. Don't even bother wasting your time looking at 70,000 or 2 million videos that are made on this topic. This is the best one. Try it out. You'll be happy.

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