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How to be successful on social media in 2023

So what do I need to know about social media to have success in 2023? Stay tuned. Well, first off, consistency. You have to be in a place where you can actually deliver content without a hiccup. You have to have a space where you can actually record every single day or do some kind of filming. You have to have a team maybe that can help you out with posting every single day or editing and doing all the things. Something that's not dependent on your time, right? Because you just want to be filming and doing all the things. So consistency and volume is going to be key to everything. If we can post 10 times a day, you should post 10 times a day because it's never too much, right? You should have a content plan that you're working off of and deliver the message as you should on every single channel on all places.

And this is what they're for. They're distribution channels. Remember, they're not little places where you can be social anymore For a business owner, these things are distribution channels. It's the tv, it's the radio, it's the newspaper, it's all of these things. This is the social game. So you have to hit it hard enough because there's so many people and it's so noisy. Consistency trumps everything else. You want to start off with that. Be consistent with everything. Number two, understand how the algorithms work. You want to know how I can leverage these things, right? It's about being efficient. It's about doing more with less. So if you understand the algorithms, you understand how to cheat a little bit on this little social game because you can post and post and post and it gets overwhelming or it gets underwhelming almost if you don't even have anything, any feedback coming from anything.

You don't have any engagement, you don't have any growth. It just gets boring, right? It kind of just gets sucked out of your sales, and then you start looking at other avenues and saying, maybe this doesn't work. Well, you got to start understanding the algorithms a little bit. What do they like, right? Do they favor engagement? So how can we get the most engagement? What can I do to get the most engagement every single time I post? Another thing is the quality of the content. Now, don't get it confused. Do not let this be your main focus. Quantity should be over quality, okay? And if you have both, it's a grand slam. So you want to make sure that the quality is being delivered in a good, good way. We want to have professional shot film, professional edits, professional photos, everything looking good, representing your brand in a positive light.

And that's what it should be. If you're a business, you're doing seven figures. Your content should be reflecting what you're doing, your skillset, your expertise, your professionalism, your service, your product, whatever it is, use social and use the content to showcase how professional and how special that brand is. And you'll do that by creating professional pieces of content network. You want to have some good people around you, either working for you or people that you know that are big players in the social space. You want to make sure that we can leverage other people. The game is about leverage. If you're in business, you know this as well. Leverage, if you're in business, we leverage everything. We use bank leverage, we use people leverage. We use employee leverage. We use anything that we can get our hands on to actually push that needle as high as it can go, and move us as fast as we can go, right? And this is the vehicle that we're in. We want to make sure that we slam it. So make sure you have a network that you actually lean on to help you engage with your posts. So another one is graphics. We want to have a good graphic designer to create graphics that

Image 1

The attention of the people browsing the platforms. Clickbait, man, clickbait. Just lean on the clickbait thing. It's a nasty term, but lean on it, man. Use it because it works. Make a YouTube thumbnail that has a title that's very clickbait. It doesn't have to be in the title. The title should be SEO Optimized for YouTube and Google Search. However, that thumbnail, it's fair play on the thumbnail. You can make as much clickbait titles as you want on the thumbnail, man. Pull somebody in to have them. Listen to what you're saying or get attention in that space. It's so noisy, so saturated. This is the things that you have to do to start pulling people in. Now, I'm not saying get outside your brand and what your brand represents. Do not try to compete with the nost person because that type of noisy is almost obnoxious and obscene.

If you're a professional business doing professional work in service and products, you need to represent that. So stay true to who you are. But at the same time, lean on the clickbait thing that fits right. We just want to pull the reader in and deliver a quality message. And this is why I brought up the business thing. Do not get outside your brand. Still deliver a video that is on brand and professional, not obnoxious and obscene, but used an obnoxious and obscene thumbnail a hundred percent of the time. So look, those are a few things that you can kind of push your social channel with right now. Those are the things that are working in 2023. Make sure you use 'em, utilize them. Abuse these platforms as you should. As always, if you need social media filming, content creation, distribution, reach out below our info's there. We'd be happy to talk to you, and happy to take you to the next level as a brand, as a business as a service provider. Talk soon.

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