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How Much Sould You Spend On Social Media

So you made the decision to jump into social media. You're rented a pound on the internet with content. How much do you spend for a team? Let's crunch some numbers on what it costs to actually push a social media channel forward and grow in your space you're trying to grow in. So how much do you spend on your social media team? I'll give you the very short answer. A thousand a month to 25,000 plus a month. It's a massive gap, I know, but it depends. It depends on how big the film crew is or how big your crew is, and then how much content you're pushing out there on a month-to-month day-to-day basis. So who are the players involved? Number one, a film crew. So the film crew is responsible for making sure all the camera settings are right, making sure the acoustics are sounding good, making sure the backdrop and the backlighting is great.

Basically a professional looking piece of content. That's their job. Their job is to prep the video editor as best as they can, so the video editor can then make very, very good magic in post-production. So everything has to be set with the film. Now, if you're just starting out, you're probably going to film yourself, but the goal is the same. You want to have professional looking content. This is what consumers are used to seeing on a minute by minute basis, especially when you look at the big companies, Coca-Cola, Nestle, these guys are basically shooting commercials, $80,000 commercials on social media. So you want to have something that looks professional, otherwise your video is probably going to get drowned out. On top of that, that film crew should have some kind of director. This is probably one of the most important pieces of it. Anybody can make a video, but you need to be pulling the message from the prospect, from the person actually delivering on camera.

Somebody needs to be there pulling the message out of there, and that comes back to brand and what we're trying to accomplish with the service or product for the customer. And then unique selling propositions. We're trying to go after specific angles on the video. Again, anybody can make a video. What is the purpose of the video? We're trying to do something. We're trying to craft the message so we can shift the mind of the people watching the video. We're trying to deliver a message here, so somebody on that film crew needs to have some kind of direction, some kind of directing experience. So that's a major, major key piece that most people overlook when they're doing social media and they're doing content marketing. Number two is going to be your video editors. Now, if the film crew did their job correctly and captured great content and captured it in a way where a video editor can just hit the ground running, it's going to be smooth sailing.

The video editor's job is to fix all the mess ups, basically pull together all the footage and make a magical piece of content. And that comes down to edits. That comes down to color grading, that comes down to balancing. That comes down to audio checking. That comes down to exporting files, sizing, optimizing compression. All these things come into play with a video editor. So you want somebody that's very, very skillful at that part. But at the same time, you want somebody skillful in the fact that they know how to pull a message out. Again, this all comes down to messaging. So when we create a long form piece of footage, that's great. It's a very simple edit, like a base edit. They're doing what's called jump cuts, and they're editing out the bad parts and maybe say a lot, or maybe they cut all those out.

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So once we have that, they still need to deliver a short form piece of content. Now, that's where you scan the video and just look for little nuggets, little ten second, 11 second clips, we can bang on TikTok, bang on YouTube, shorts, little nuggets. You have to know how to pull the message out, right? If the message is there, the video editor should be able to scan and scour and pull gold out of a clip. The whole video should be gold, and they should be pulling diamonds out of that thing. So we should be able to multipurpose, and that's what a great video editor would do. A good video editor will give you some really great quality, professional looking content, do phenomenal with what film crew gave to 'em, and then also create shorts to pull gold and diamonds out of the stuff that you already have.

Number three, graphic designers. Now, once everything is shot and content is prepped, and we have everything ready, we are ready to have some kind of graphics on the actual social channel. So graphics on covers, graphics on thumbnails, graphics on actual pages, the aesthetic feed of it. So we're ready to have graphics done to this. Now, a graphic designer should be in line with branding, should be in line with messaging. It should be in line with font, the feeling of it. It should be everything that represents your brand. The graphic designer should inherit that, and they should be able to create something cookie cutter. Every single piece of post should feel like it's all one piece. They all look different, but it should feel like one piece, and I'm sure you've seen this when you scroll other social channels, you come up on a page and it just looks like an aesthetic piece of art.

You're like, wow, this is amazing. That's a good graphic designer, good graphic designer would do that, as well as create YouTube thumbnails that actually pull the person in, right? If you're just scrolling, YouTube and attention spans are so short nowadays. You want a graphic designer that can actually stay on brand, but actually catch the attention of somebody scrolling by or just looking at another video. Or you want it to be incentivizing a click because YouTube is all about click-through rates and all about watch time. So you want to make sure that we're actually getting clicks on that thing as well with other piece of content. That's the goal of a good graphic designer. Good graphic designer will create content or graphics that are on brand, but actually pull in people to actually click. So that's a graphic designer. Number four, a social media manager. Social media manager is the glue that holds all the crew together.

I've talked about this before, but managing the people, managing the projects and then managing what they're doing on the social channel. If you've got one social channel, you're trying to grow it. That social media manager's job, the sole job is to manage that account by helping everybody out on the team and making sure everybody's staying organized and they're just moving the boat across. So the social media manager is the glue. It holds everything together and making sure that if the video editors need help, they got someone to go to. If the film crew needs help, they got somebody to go to. If the graphic designers need help, they got somebody to go to. So this is a very important position. Do not go cheap on this position. This position is probably one of the most important pieces. I mean, they're all important pieces. You need a good manager, right?

And this comes down to a lot of different skill sets, right? They need to be a hundred percent responsible. They need to be sharp, they need to be capable thinking ahead. They need to be productive, highly productive people can do more with less time. So you want to have somebody that's very, very snappy and knows what they're doing, highly organized and should have a system and a network that they're bringing to the table. And this is one of the reasons why you pay so much. Once they have the system in place, they can just kind of replicate it to yours. And then if they have a network of influencers, people that can comment on the post anything, blog, guest podcasting, opportunities for you, do they have some public relations connections for you? They should have a finger on the pulse of every single channel. They should know TikTok in and out.

They should know LinkedIn in and out. Those are two different platforms, two different audiences, totally different messaging, totally different types of content. They should know that they should know how YouTube works. Have a finger on the pulse of that game. They should understand every single channel and how to leverage and use those channels to the best of your ability so that your content can grab attention and start doing what it's supposed to be doing. So that kind of stuff is always valued. It should be considered when you're hiring a social media manager, but do not go cheap. This is a very important position. That's your social media manager. Number five, copywriter copywriter's responsible for captioning, making sure all the hashtags are up to par, making sure everything is optimized on every single post. Now, when you look at the social algorithms, they are very SEO dependent.

Now, the captions matter. The hashtags matter. Everything in the bio matters, the keywords that you're using. So the copywriter should understand all of that. Understand the content, understand your brand, and understand every single distribution channel and social channel so they can speak the native language on every single one. Number six, you can have what's called a scanner on your crew, and you can just kind of scan content and look for the great pieces. I talked about it earlier, but we can scan the great pieces of content and say, you know what? That's 20 seconds of gold right there. You know what? That's 11 seconds of good content. So they can scour all your video and just look for little clips and make little shorts out of 'em. So some people, if they're big enough, they have people that are just literally dedicated to that. So again, it comes back to how big the crew is and how big you're moving the content, how much content you're actually moving.

So again, it's all going to depend anywhere from a thousand dollars to $25,000, you can pay a social media manager alone anywhere from 80 grand to 250 grand a year. Film crews anywhere from 2000 to 7,000, 10,000 a month. I've had people ask for 7,000 on for a film shoot, especially if you're doing commercials, then you're talking $80,000 a commercial. It's a lot of things, but you want to look at where you're at and what you're trying to do. So what are you trying to do? And then set up the best team around for that. And this is why I touched on the position. So you can build positions around a social media push and just have everything optimized, dedicated for your channel. Everybody should be dedicated to one thing and just moving that needle forward with pounding the internet with content over and over and over again. So I hope this helps. If you're confused about the social media thing, you know where to reach us. This is what we do on a day-to-Day basis, month-to-month basis for our clients. We go out, we film, we cover all the content, we cover the content plans, we organize, we distribute all the content, and we just continue to push on the social media thing. Infos below. Can't wait to talk to you.

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