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How To Hire a Social Media Manager in 2024

If you're a company looking to grow in the social media space, maybe you're looking to expand a team, maybe you're looking to hire a social media manager to grow and expand your business' reach and attract more customers, stay tuned. We are going to break down what exactly a social media manager should be doing, how you should hire, and if you're a social media manager, I'm going to break down some skillset sets you can actually take to an employer to improve your chances on getting hired.

The Role of a Social Media Manager

So, when you're looking to bring a social media manager on board, the number one thing these guys should be doing, and the mindset that they should have is to manage, management. It's in the damn title, right? Not the day-to-day, they manage the team that is responsible for moving the social channels forward. So, let's break that down a little bit. What has to happen on a social channel for it to grow? You got video content, you got graphic design, you got photography, you have copywriting involved, you have video editing involved, you have posting and scheduling involved, and then you have interactions, engagement within other platforms from your social media account. So all of those things, there's a lot of players in those things.

A manager's job is to absolutely manage all of that. If there's no content scheduled out for four weeks on the social media calendar, we only have content scheduled out for two days, a lot of times the social media manager will say, "You know what? Let's create." So, they're very quick to create, typically you see this with freelancers. That's not their job. You don't need to create. If I'm a couple of days out and I have no content and I know I'm supposed to be 60 days out, I'm going to call the video marketing team and say, "Hey, where are we at with content?"

A manager's job is to absolutely manage all of that. If there's no content scheduled out for four weeks on the social media calendar, we only have content scheduled out for two days, a lot of times the social media manager will say, "You know what? Let's create." So, they're very quick to create, typically you see this with freelancers. That's not their job. You don't need to create. If I'm a couple of days out and I have no content and I know I'm supposed to be 60 days out, I'm going to call the video marketing team and say, "Hey, where are we at with content?"

They're going to say, "Oh, we don't have no content. We need some more content." "Okay, maybe I can schedule a film shoot Wednesday." "Great, if you schedule a film shoot Wednesday, when's it going to get to me? When are you guys going to have the edits, so I can actually post it?" If we do it by Wednesday, we can have it to you by Saturday." "Okay, great. I'm going to follow up with you in a couple hours." That is a manager. They're not in there creating stuff, they're managing the team. If something needs captions, they're going to call up and let the team and tell them we need captions. And the copywriter will actually go ahead and deliver it, or the manager's supposed to make sure that that actually happens, so the boat keeps moving forward.

So that's management

ou have to wrap your head around management and managing people in positions, not just creating content and managing an account, its overseeing, analyzing, working with people, communications etc. You are managing an account, but to get that account to a specific state of growth, to be happy with your analytics, a lot of people are involved in that process, not just one person. It's not one person managing an account, it's not one person posting and doing all that. If it is, it's a slow account, it's going to die. The whole goal with social media is to pound it. That's how you win, is you create frequency and consistency. It's the only way you win that game, it's way too noisy. So, you got to be consistent in what you deliver, and then the message has to resonate. All the messages that are going to shift the perception of the viewer, about your company, your business, your key people, your operations behind the scenes, your product, your service, everything is going to be done from that content plan.

Working The Content Strategy With Scheduling

Number two, social schedule / social calendar. That's their next job. Now, once all these pieces get to go and we got video and the video editors are editing and the photography is getting shot, and then the photos are getting edited and they're all getting put in this one big content place where you can just bang out a video section and a photo section and then the manager can go through and actually pick what's on there.

Now, when they schedule stuff, they want to tell a story, so it's mini campaigns. You're selling a product. Let's say you're selling a marker; I am going to do a product rollout. There are tons of colors in these, maybe there's tons of sizes. The first little mini campaign I'm going to do is a product rollout. Maybe some pictures, maybe some videos explaining this thing, maybe some benefits of it, and then I'm just going to roll out that, and then from there I'll move on maybe to bundles and we'll start presenting and promoting the bundles. Then watch for comments and see what content your people are telling you they want.

That's how you should be advertising your products or services. You're telling the little stories and at the same time, you want to schedule those public relations type of stories in a way where it looks aesthetic on the feed. How do each thumbnail stack up against each other when you're rolling out these mini campaigns on social? Because if you look at social, when you land on a social page, it's a website, is it not a landing page? It's the same exact thing on a website. People shape the perception just like that. As soon as they hit your page, as soon as they hit your website, your Instagram, your Facebook, your YouTube, they have some kind of opinion, some kind of feeling of what you're putting out. I’m going back to strategies but the feed has to look aesthetic, and you have to make sure that's engaging enough for them to say, "You know what? Let me keep scrolling a little bit and let me see what this company's about. Let me see what this brand's about. Let me see what this product is about." this is how you would start getting shares and engagement which leads to more traffic.

Create a little curiosity. You want to have so much stuff, but laid out in a way where it's absolutely great. Number two on the schedule, it should be laid out 60 days in advance, 30 days, 60 days. The manager's job is to schedule out as much content far in advance as possible for publishing. This way, when you're dealing with your day-to-day accounts, it's just adding to it. If we have eight posts going out one day on all channels and you decide to bang out like six more in person doing lives and stories and reels and maybe a webinar that's more that is appreciated. That's more fuel on the fire for social growth, and that's what you want. So, you want to make sure the schedule is laid out 60 days, 30 days in advance, and then you want to make sure it's aesthetic with each post strategically placed with many campaigns and looking very, very nice. Lastly every post should be SEO optimized, especially for YouTube.

Bring a Network With Your Resume

Social media managers should bring some kind of network. They should have influencers. "Oh, we work with a list of influencers in this industry, list of influencers in this industry," the whole thing. They should have the whole network. "Oh yeah, I know somebody that does social ads. I know so-and-so is a big influencer. Oh, I have a chat group of about four accounts that are very heavy." Now, if you know social media, you know a like from Kylie Jenner on your post is going to equal maybe 1,000 little accounts. So, when you start clumping these people in chat groups and saying, "Hey, I got a post that's coming out, everybody like, and everybody comment," when that heavy, heavy authoritative account starts liking and commenting within that first algorithm hour where they're like, "Is this good content or is this bad content?"

If you got people engaging in that thing that are weighted accounts, man, you're golden. So, tell me you got a network as a social media manager. Tell me you have a network of that, man. Tell me you have some group chats with some players. Tell me you know social. The whole social game is social without being social. It's internet. Nobody's in-person, but you're very active online. You're DMing him, you're commenting here, you're moving platform. You're all over the place. You're very... I wouldn't say social, you're engaged, you're in there, you're doing stuff, you're commenting, you're liking. So have that, have people like that where you have a network and you're engaging with all these people because after a post, maybe 30 minutes before and 30 minutes after a post, you should have engagement. And if you have a good network, if the manager has a great network, it becomes a lot easier to start pushing these platforms or pushing these posts to actually grow new audiences.

I talked about the algorithm a little bit. When you have a lot of accounts start liking within that first hour and you have a lot of weighted accounts liking, the algorithms will say, "You know what? This looks like really good content. People are liking it, some power players are liking it. Let's show it to new audience." And that's what you want, you want exposure to new audience. You don't want to show it to your audience, though you do. That's not your first priority though. With social, you're trying to get more followers on top of using the content to pre-sell a cold prospect to a warm, hot lead. So again, the network is going to be heavy in the form of engagement. So, you want somebody that has network.

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Social Content Creation?

I'm going to give you a little bonus right here, create. When stuff hits the fan and nobody's around and the manager cannot manage the people and maybe the people... You're dealing with turnover, maybe something's wrong, you still have to deliver for the client, or you still have to deliver for yourself.

And if you're a business trying to hire social media people, you'll treat yourself like a client. When you're doing that and everything hits the fan and you don't have enough people, the manager ONLY THEN is allowed to roll up their sleeves and start creating content.

Maybe it's a one-man show, but she's doing a lot or he's doing a lot to get this ball rolling, but the goal is to schedule out the content with frequency and volume, so we can actually get attention on these platforms. Otherwise, you could just get buried in the whole social media things, billions of posts every single minute, you get lost in the noise. So, when it hits the fan, your social media manager should be able to create. Manage first, manage the crew, manage the people, manage the workload, and then to create content on a calendar. You need to be able to create in advance and have great stuff and great campaigns look beautiful 60 days out, 30 days out. So, manage the people and then go ahead and schedule it out like we talked about, 30 days, 60 days.

Make sure all your stuff is covered. Bring network to the table if you're a social media manager, meet people. When you go try to get a job, meet people and then bring them to the table to the job that you want to get or the employer that you're talking to. (You don’t need a degree by the way, you need to be organized and communicate extremely well). For the companies, make sure, ask that question, do you have a network? Do you know influencers? Do you know people? What have you done so far? So, ask that question. And then the last, but not least, if it hits the fan, like everybody, a manager has to roll their sleeves up and actually get in the trenches and actually create. If you're hiring a social media manager, make sure you run through that checklist. If you're looking for video marketing services and with social attached to it, go ahead and reach out. That's what we do. We do video marketing every single month for our clients. We'll multiply that content and then we'll distribute it on every single major platform, including social.

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