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Looking to enhance your marketing strategy? Harness the power of videography! Create captivating brand videos that engage and inspire your target audience.

If the content is king, then, video is the king of every type of content. A study shows that viewers remember 95% of the message if it is shown through video, which is an insane percentage for any business if they utilize videos to promote their brand correctly. ​ So, in order to make a better impact on your audience, you need quality videography - Which will result in better user engagement and trust.

Videos help you send the right message at the right time through interactive visuals and a good video script. This is where most brands uplift their business because it includes sound, text, and movements that freeze the viewer. And, you can pack plenty of hard-to-swallow information in an easy and shorter version – Making it fun to watch!

Brand Videos

Make brand videos to share your brand story that would make an emotional connection with your customers – Regardless of what type of business you have. ​ There is no limit when it comes to making brand videos because you can use emotions to pre-sell and talk about the fears & desire of your audience that moves them to do a certain action. We will also do customer research and build a buyer persona to make the message more powerful.

Customer Testimonial or Case
Study Video

Customer testimonials in a form of a video will create a memorable impact on viewers because they see people like themselves purchasing and reviewing your product or service. The same goes for a case study video where you showcase your product’s success in the best way – Which is more believable and engaging.

Demo Videos

Demo Videos

A demo video is a way to showcase your product in action and how it has worked for others. For instance, if you are selling a resistance band, a demo video of an actor doing some workouts with that would help people decide whether they should purchase the product or not.

Event Videos

Event Videos

Shoot your special event with full control and make a memorable peace whether for your Facebook timeline, youtube, or even youtube shorts. It can be an official event, a special interview, or anything that would involve a professional video camera and a production team. Corporate Event Videos, Agency Partnerships, Onboarding Videos.

Product Videos

Product Videos

Product videos are a great way to talk about your product benefits and a lot more in the most engaging and precise way. A 30-second product video that is properly planned and executed can have a better impact than the product description – Because no one wants to read it these days. And we do properly planned product videography with engaging music, and infographics, to create a wow in your audience and highlight every detail of your product. To make it more effective, we have copywriters for videos that will spice it up with their words that target the emotions directly.

How do Our Photographer And Videographer work?

We have professional videographers & photographers on the team with over a decade of experience so you can easily rely on them. just need to pick up the phone and call us and we will send local videographers to your desired location and they will shoot the video there. Here’s the process

Strategic development

Planning & Coordination

Distribution to different channels.

Setup & Location

Capturing phase

Editing phase

Final changes

Videography Services

Whether you are looking for a single video or a complete video series for an ad campaign, our commercial content production team will be happy to help you out. ​ We provide videography services where we:










Go from strangers to best friends with your audience through successful commercial campaigns.

Why Commercial Campaigns?

An up-and-coming commercial campaign will makes you stand out from competitors by telling your story. Easy to track on all distribution channels and tells us exactly where your audience is and what it likes the most. It is flexible – We are always gathering information, so we can't stop testing our campaigns.

Content Retainers

We create videos for your business or personal brand and release them on a monthly, bi-monthly, or weekly basis so that you keep reaching your existing audience and creating more customers in the long term.

One Time Content

We will work with you on a variety of projects, including video production for your website or other one-time content for your special event. Such as, Branded Content Videos, Corporate Event Videos, Onboarding Videos, Promotional Videos, Product Videos, Resort Videos, Testimonial Videos and Agency Partnerships.

Branded Content Videos

Branded content videos are a great way to promote your brand in an age where people usually skip ads – It promotes the brand with positive association rather than self-promotion.

Meet Our Videographer Content Creator

Our videographer content creator is a highly skilled professional who has done many jobs for real estate, clothing, and other businesses. Talk to the man himself directly and tell him what you need. This way, you can get more of what you wanted - without having to speak with any third party.

Video Film

Why Choose Splash Media For
Your Videography?

Having a video marketing agency by your side who knows how to make everything look aesthetic and propelling makes us a good choice if you want to generate more ROI. We have a professional team of highly trained producers, writers, and editors that come together to work on your brand video - So, you can rely on us.


Approved Gear

Something that sets us apart from other commercial production companies is that we use gear approved by Netflix.

  • RED Komodo 6K
    – For professional and semi-professional use with groundbreaking image quality.


    – 4k quality with the creative freedom to capture the best content.


    – Used by high-end cinematographers, this camera has full-frame cinematic expressions to make your videos interesting.


  • CANON EOS R – For professional-looking videos & Better stability.


  • PRO RES RAW – Edit, import or grade the video from the raw data.

  • DJI Mavic Air2

    Ultimate flight performance and image stabilization to capture from bird-eyed view.


  • DJI InspireSmaller, but better for inside uses.


    – Wireless & best for outside use.



    – Top-quality audio for Podcasts, live interviews & more.


    – For stability and best quality video while moving

  • Soft box light accessory

    – A good soft light to brighten up the object.

Why Do Videos Videos Matter

This is the best way to grasp your audience's attention. And since TikTok, Instagram reels, and other BIG platforms are now focusing on videos, then you should too if you want to stand out from your competition.

The attention span of people has reduced drastically and people need something far more interesting to keep their focus. So, the need for quality videos is more than ever.

More than 76% of people brands did more conversions with videos than any other media.