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Content Marketing

Are you looking to take your brand to new heights? Harness the power of content marketing and witness the transformative impact it can have on your business.

Content Marketing Strategy

A Content marketing strategy has proved to be hands down The Best Tactic for any business to become an authority in their industry. It’s a perfect way to presell your prospect, educate and inform, handle objections, generate leads, etc. great content will turn a cold prospect into a red hot lead who won not had time to the buying decision. ​ With lots of competition out there and people with minimum attention span, it is harder to grasp their interest and turn a visitor into a permanent customer. Video is the king in overcoming this problem but it has to be in a way where it is less boring and more helpful.

Content Marketing Strategy


Blog pieces


Short articles






Info graphs



Social media content


Before & after etc.

Get The Right Lead With The Right Content Strategy

Most businesses start a content marketing plan without knowing exactly who the customer(s) is, and when you market to everyone, you market to no one. We are living in the most advanced era where everything is at our fingertips and moves faster than ever. With social media content marketing, online engagement makes it easier for you to make a place in your customers heart - If you are aware of how to use content marketing and know how to craft a message that resonates with your audience through. This is where most brands flourish or disappear because the brands that know the importance of content 100% thrives by using the Internet, not being used by it. But the content has to be attacked with the right frequency and the right messaging for it to pop. Are you ready to get your message out there?

Become An Authority

The purpose of this content is to warm your customers by answering almost every and all questions, in every scenario, to turn a cold lead into a hot prospect. The right content with allow you to highlight your expertise, that your prospect is in desperate need of, and is actively searching for, in a professional and helpful way that will results in trust. Ask anyone that’s been in the sales game for over five years, when you have trust from your prospect, the sales become So. Much. Easier.

What Make Us Standout

What Makes Us Stand

Plain and simple we know how to sell. Believe it or not great content is made to sell but how do we sell without making it look like we’re selling? This is what a professional will do. This is what Splash does. Identifying a customer, identifying the angles, packaging offers, creating messages that hit with the audience, following up, handling objections, pre-qualify. Make no mistake, these platforms are for marketing and sales, they‘re not kid’s toys to us.

Shy In Front of camera?We'll do it for you!

Shy In Front Of The Camera? We'll Do It!

Videos are prioritized on every channels algorithm so they are essential! They are also a great way to look authoritative in front of your audience. They can be informative as well as engaging where people can relate with you. If you want a video for your brand and are a shy person in front of the camera, then our team will do this hard work for you. We will create a professional video, with your words and our actors. Don’t let that shyness stop you from making more ROI for your business.

Book A Free Consultation Call

If you still don’t know what to do or are unsure about how everything works, then book a consultation call for free and talk with our marketing professionals that will give you valuable insights on how content marketing works and how you can make the most out of it. Remember, you can always benefit from it even if you work with us or not. So, pick up your phone and call now

Get The Right Lead With The Right Content Strategy

The need for content is more than ever, but the attention span has reduced to 8.5 seconds or even less, so brands and creators need to come up with genuine content & right message that is valuable, informational, or educational in any way.

Market The Content Your Audience Needs

We plan and execute the most precise pieces of content, targeted to the right type of audience who is actually looking for your services. Maybe they know or don’t the problem yet. Be there for your prospect when they’re searching, when they’re not searching, and everywhere in between. Our content marketing services include

Customer research and persona building

Content planning for both social media content and website content

Content creation services


Graph and track all data.

Revisions or further elaboration

Different Content

This can be a how-to blog post or an informative video on a topic related to your product or service. For instance, if you have a real estate business in San Francisco, then a blog article or a simple social post on how to find great deals around your area would make your website pop up on the first page when people search for relevant terms on google. (with the right optimization of the video and trust from the website) . In most cases, going through this process with our own customers will lead to our clients creating new offers and promotions that they never thought of. Often times this makes our job easier AND drives even MORE revenue for our clients… That’s you! here's how we do it.

We identify your customer(s). We find most businesses have multiple customer personas that all need different messaging

We brainstorm and nail down the right messaging for each customer (what they need to hear or what they’re searching for)

Do minor research to look for the right angle

Plan out two years’ worth of content

Monthly Shooting and creating to keep your content calendar full year round

Social Media
Content Marketing

Social media is ruling businesses and there is not a single brand that is successful today, that doesn’t have a massive social media presence. Content marketing will keep your business alive and thriving and will last on the internet forever. We offer the full package of content marketing, not just social media marketing, there’s a difference. We have a full in-house production staff with managers ready to tackle any of your projects. Videographer or photographer, we will use any angle to promote the following platforms.

YouTube Channel Marketing

The king of all kings – longform footage. This is the platform we like to shoot all of our content for, this also works hand-in-hand with SEO because YouTube is the second biggest search engine on the web, Highly valuable for us.

Linkedin Content Strategy

With 822 million registered users, Linkedin is now a platform to use if you want to stand out if you’re in the B2B market, especially. There is so much data you can access on LinkedIn for your potential client and it’s another place to promote your brand.

Instagram Content Strategy

There are 600 million people on Instagram with 400 million active every day. Another place to promote

Facebook Content Strategy

There are 600 million people on Instagram with 400 million active every day. Another place to promote

Tik Tok Content Strategy

The fastest growing platform, the platform that every other platform is mimicking. This is an interest based platform and it’s wonderful for spreading like wildfire.

Twitter Content Strategy

Twitter is under new management and they will be better than ever in our opinion. 456,000 tweets are sent over Twitter and this is a massive place to spread contact and promote your brand.

Snapchat Content Strategy

This is still available platform another place to read your message and get brand exposure. Plus the videos from TikTok can be blasted here as well.

Content Marketing Services

Creating content is an art form, but it needs to be spread in such a way we’re maximizing your time, isn’t that what an affective business is, producing more with a little time. We use longform footage and repurpose that footage so we can create Omni presence with your brand. We work hard, we were smart, we work, efficient, and we work around the clock.

Let’s Multiply Your ROI with the Right Content
Marketing Strategy

Creating great content regularly is challenging and exhausting if you don’t have an in-house team with a business mind, with the right direction, that inherit your vision and mission and brand. To be successful in business, you have to be extremely efficient and productive with your time, delegate your content, marketing to us, and let’s partner.