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How your business should use social media

Hey, San from Splash. Today I'll be going over social media and some video presentation on social media. Most business owners I talk to, they hate social media. They think it's a waste of time. They can't crack the code. They post something and nobody sees it, or they spend all day on this elaborate shoot that nobody sees. They can't get creative enough. So today I'll be going over how to use social media, what you should be using it for, and how you should think about this thing in terms of video and social media. Stay tuned. So most businesses will look at social media. It's the form of marketing. When they think digital marketing, they think social media, that's the first thing they think of. That's not how we want to do that. We don't want to think about it like that. We want to think about it.

That's the source of marketing. Social media is great for pulling attention. It's great for getting new customers, but that doesn't happen until the back end. If I'm looking at a marketing strategy as a whole, social media is at the very top. You use social media for awareness. You're introducing yourself, your business, your product, your service to the marketplace. It's very top of the funnel, right? You're just introducing yourself. You're not going to pull customers like that. You're going to start to get followers, and you're going to start having people follow you to make a purchase down the road. You have to look at it just like as a distribution channel for your video. That's what you should be focused on, not social media. You should be focused on video because then I can take that, introduce it to social while I use the video to do real advertising.

So it all funnels in as one big holistic marketing approach. But organic posting on social is not marketing. I want you guys to understand that if you're a business, organic posting on social is not marketing. That's awareness strategy. That's very top of the funnel. I don't want to be too extreme about it. It is a form of marketing, but it's top of the funnel. We still have to have other marketing efforts to push them down the funnel into a conversion, into a sale, into a brand new customer. So I want you guys to start thinking about social media like that. It's just a distribution channel to just push out everything that we have so we can start building an online presence and having people start to be a little bit more aware of your product or service in your business. So let's look at a couple reasons why somebody would actually start doing this and how to use these things.

How do I use video to push on social media? Again, like I talked about, that is the focal point. Video is the focal point. You guys shouldn't be looking at social media. You guys should be looking at video content creation. Now, once I have video and content creation, where can I distribute it? Where can I market it? That's how you got to think about these things. It's not just, okay, let's just shoot video for social. You're shooting for top of the funnel only. Why would you do that? There's middle of the funnel. The top of the funnel is so cold, everybody, nobody knows you. Everybody has to be introduced to you. The middle of the funnel is where people are searching for information. That's where people are like, okay, well, I kind of need something, but I need more information about it. The bottom part of the funnel is, Hey, I, I need to solve it.

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Who can help me solve it? You should be attacking these things as a marketing effort. You should be attacking all of these things, not just social, where it's very top of the funnel. This is where people get frustrated. I'm telling you this because businesses will lose their mind going, I post every day, but nobody sees it. I don't know why anybody's not liking my posts. I got four likes on this post. It's a great video. Who caress? It's top of the funnel. That's what you should be doing. Who cares if you got four likes? Good. You put it on social. You took a cool piece of video that educated, handled an objection, introduced a founder, a member, whatever that content served you, push it out, good. Check the box. You did what you're supposed to do, top of the funnel. You're aware you don't care about the comments and the likes and all that stuff, man.

Push video in the marketplace. You need to be everywhere. Everybody should be knowing what you're doing, what your company's doing behind the scenes. Who are the key people, what your product or service does? How does it separate from any other competitor, and what are the value builds on that? Why are you valuable? Why are you valuable when you have so much competition? This is what video does, and then we use a distribution network to actually get that out there. So how do I shoot content so I can put on social media? What do I need to do? A couple Things. Just three things. Educate the audience. Educate on what your product or service needs to educate on for a brand new customer. If I'm using social media, again, this Is top of the funnel. This is interest. I mean, this is awareness. We're cold. I'm trying to take cold traffic and then Warm them to monetization. So when I shoot content and when I do for social or building an online presence, what core pillars do I need and how should I be shooting content? This is a real question.

Number one Is to educate. What does somebody who's absolutely cold need to know so they can make a purchasing decision? What do they need to know? Do they need to know a process of something? Do they need to know product benefits? Do they need to see an unboxing? Do they need to know the people know the founder? Do they have to fall in love with the story? Do they need to know that you donate to an animal foundation? Do they need to know about philanthropy efforts, your church, whatever? What do they need? Who is your customer and how do they get from cold to making a decision? How do we use video content distributed on social, which is all up here, and then have the right content to start pushing them down to monetization? So this is how you should be thinking about Educate the People on what they need, and that could be different from businesses to businesses and industries, and then products and services, right? A plumber may need to talk about flex tubing as opposed to copper tubing.

What are the benefits? Why would they need to do that? All the while you're looking like an expert. Your team is looking like an expert. Your business is growing more authoritative because you start having video online. So how do I educate and what do I need to educate on? So This is a really, really good avenue just to kind of get your head in the right place. If you're one of those people and business persons, they're like, I'm not creative. I don't know how to come up with the ideas. Good. I'm giving 'em to you right now. Educate your people on why they should be going from not knowing you to doing business with you. Educate 'em on everything you need to educate 'em about.

Number two, introduce yourself. Man. People need to see. They want to see who's the founder. What's the story behind this business? Everybody loves a good story. This is why documentaries do so well or behind the scenes, or if you're buying movies on iTunes, the extras all like the making of this movie. That's so cool. They want to see what's going on. Who are the key people? Can I trust them? Are they like me? Right? When you shoot content, you're talking about you. It may be things you do as a owner, maybe as a director, maybe as a salesperson, whoever's shooting content for your company, whoever's the face of this thing, maybe they're into food and maybe they start having content that intertwines food in their business. Somehow you're kind of doing something that you love. Maybe they're a dog lover and they just love the dog. How can I just shoot content on my dog, but then intertwine my company and business? Or how do I introduce myself, whoever that key person is with this doggy piece of content? So this is how you guys got to start thinking intertwines something that who are you who are intertwine that into some pieces of content? Oh, I'm a dog lover. I'm a family man. I'm a gym advocate. Whatever the case is, start intertwining that stuff and introducing Your stuff because when you go very, very cold like this and you're in the awareness stage, you're shooting content for awareness. Anything will connect with, people are looking for connections.

This is why they're disengaged in real life. They want connections. They want connections online. If they consider themselves introverted, they're quick to go online. They still want connection. So how do you connect with your people? I'm a dog lover, dude. I love cats. I love animals. I'm very heavy into my church. I do outreach and I do nonprofit helping, and whatever it is. People get excited about that. This is why they're always putting stuff on labels like women owned, rainbow owned, I don't know. Whatever they do, they separate themselves trying to connect with somebody so that they can get a little bit more exposure, get a little bit more attention, and they connect with them to go down into being a customer or a client or whatever.

So that's introducing yourself, man. Who are the key people? Who are the founder? What's the story behind this thing? What different avenues? What character traits do I have? What personalities do I have? What interests do I have? Because all people connect with that. You have a kid and you're going through kid struggle. Maybe you have a toddler and you're like, I got all these toddler things. You can start running content with toddlers or shooting content with toddlers and talking about your business. May slap a business shirt on your little toddler and shoot some content that connects with people, right? Again, we're trying to get awareness, man. We're trying to go from here, shooting content for here and then pushing them down here. I'm talking specifically social media because video, you can do a lot of stuff. Video, you can advertise with video retarget. You can push social campaigns.

You can push Google campaigns and all these digital mediums you can push advertising to. So you get exposure just like that. However, when you shoot organic content, this is what I'm talking about specifically, you want to make sure that we're shooting for awareness and then pulling 'em down this way. So educate, introduce yourself, your character traits, what you're into, your interests, and then connect. We talked about this already, connect with these guys. This is how you connect with these people. When you say, I love Minecraft, you know how many people like Minecraft? I hate it. They're like, oh, I like Minecraft. So we can intertwine content that way. I'm just trying to get your juices going, but this is, I'm telling you, this is how we would use it. You have to look at every single piece of advertising platform, and you have to say, where is it at?

Where in the funnel is it at? This is where you should be thinking. First off, you should be thinking in terms of a funnel. What distribution channel is placed where? I'll tell you right now, Google is the bottom. Google is the bottom. Social media is the top, and then you have a lot of different strategies that go in between. Now, the in-between separate the good marketers from the bad marketers. When you can start getting top of the funnel and middle of the funnel, everybody does bottom of the funnel. The first thing they do. If you're a business owner doing probably seven figures, you're like, let me ramp up in Google ads. I want people when they search construction company, I want to pop up. I want to get that. How many construction companies around your neighborhood are bidding for the same keyword that drives up the price that shrinks your margins?

I mean, you should be showing up for those, but don't lean on it, dude. It's not the only form of marketing. The good marketers will understand the middle and the top of the funnel, and to master those things, you need strategy and you need video. You need video, right? Because that's your piece of content that you can advertise. So when you post on social media, you're just multip purposing the video. Video is the main thing here, because I can run advertising on that. I can put that thing in blogs. I can put that thing in press releases. I can put that thing on a social platform. I can have it shared and liked, and whatever. You have video, that's the piece of content. Specifically talk about video. It's the most consumed. It gets the highest engagement. You want to grow real fast, shoot some video.

Meanwhile, we're building enough video library to where people actually know us, right? We're educating 'em. We're introducing ourself. We're connecting with people. We are building awareness, and we are getting more attention and connecting with the right people on top of getting data, on top of running advertising, on top of meeting new customers, top of closing business, on top of then closing new business. That actually starts being another series of content that we can shoot. You start working with new companies or closing new business, and then all of a sudden you can start shooting more content because we got more stuff to talk about. So again, this is how you would use social. You guys look at it wrong, man. You're thinking that likes and hearts and all that is the best, is the holy gra. Oh my God, this guy's 50,000 accounts, dude. So what dude does he monetize? Dude? Can his social get him to monetization? Most of them don't. Some do, most don't. They don't know how to monetize stuff. I'm telling you, followers are overrated to stop looking at followers. I'm looking at the money. I'm a money guy, dude. Can I monetize my social account? If you've got a good social account and you're monetizing it, fantastic. That's what you should be doing. Most people have big social accounts and don't monetize it because they don't understand this. They don't understand how to use social. They don't understand how to use video, and they don't know how to move them down the funnel. No other advertising efforts in the middle, okay? This is what separates the big boys from the little guys. When you know how to phase out the funnel and when you know how to run strategies behind that search terms, this, maybe I need a blog article and run to Google.

I can get a lot cheaper clicks that way, but it still leads them back to the promised land. It still gives me engagement and it still pushes 'em to my social media channel, and it still exposes 'em to my offers, right? So maybe I do a blog in this. Maybe the low hanging fruit is there. Maybe I just need heavy keyword search. Maybe I just need a YouTube campaign because it's bottom of the funnel and nobody around me is doing it, right? I live in a small town and I can just crush it with masonry. No one's doing it. Maybe I need to shoot the right content. Maybe I need the right video team so I can shoot the right content so I can get awareness on social media. This is how you guys got to start thinking about social media. Stop thinking it as a sole source of marketing. It's one distribution channel that is a house for our videos, your videos, your company's videos, your key people's videos, your clients and customer's videos. They're all there for you to distribute. That's what social's for. Stop Tripping on likes and Start saying where the money's at, because you guys looked at it all wrong. Oh man, I need to post on social media every single day. Good. You should be posting first off, 10 times a day, start shooting more content. The goal is to just get so much exposure.

The more people in this pipeline that are aware of you, the more they start trickling down, trickling down, trickling down. Trick. Okay, I'm in the market now. Now we can get monetized.

Now we got some customers, is what I was Talking about. I don't need followers, dude. I need money. Money. I need money, dude. I don't need followers. I don't need the likes. I don't need the comments. All that helps with engagement. That's cool. But what I'm doing with video is creating the right videos so that I can warm an audience. This is what your company should be doing, shooting videos to warm an audience, because this is what they need. They are searching for information, dude, give it to 'em. Give it to 'em. If I can go down and start searching things, I see what people are searching for all day long. Data's there. Google takes 70 billion data points every single day. The data is there. You can buy data. We buy data from Equifax, visa, all kinds of stuff. Credit reports, we buy, all that stuff. The data is there. How do I run an effective marketing strategy with that?

90% of the time it's coming from video because you need the assets to do that. All run, run, CTV ads. Good. You need a video. It's going to be on tv. Dumb, dumb. You need a video. You can't get away from the fact that you need video. Or I'll run a run Facebook ads, good run Facebook ad campaign. Try a picture. It's not going to give as much. It's not going to give as much juice, right? So we can do stuff like that, but still, video is the king of kings. So you guys got to start shooting video to build awareness first, build your awareness. Build an online presence simultaneously while you're marketing, right? Because you're using the video to market. It's just how do you use the video? What phase of the funnel are you using the video, and how much new awareness are you getting?

So you can start moving those customers, connecting with your customers, doing business with your customers, or potential customers. Again, this is how you should be using social media. So if you're not doing social media like that, or if you're confused about it, if you don't know where to start, think about being cold, introducing yourself, educating people, connecting with people, and then start pulling 'em. In your world of 5,000 videos, right? 10,000 videos. That's your goal. Your goal should be shooting, like having so many videos that these guys can just binge watch because they are looking for information at every point. They're looking for information when they're brand new to you. They're looking for information, specifically middle of the funnel, and they're really looking for purchase at the bottom of the funnel. So make sure we can master the middle and the bottom. Look at social like a distribution channel to really, really get and pull people in. Hope that helps. If you need help or assistance, this is literally what we do, man. How do I shoot video every single month for you guys? Plan the right strategy for you guys, creative marketing strategy to use that video and push people down the funnel. This is literally what we do every single day. Call us right now slash me.com. Hope to hear from you soon.

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